Dean has combined his lifelong love of photography with his love of food. His photographic work has been published extensively in magazines, advertising campaigns and featured in a number of professional exhibitions. In addition to this, his work appears in twenty one books, most of which feature food and lifestyle.

Food has always been a huge part of Dean's life. Having a mother with a passion for cooking, he has many fond memories of gatherings with friends and family where wonderful food and wine was served. This motivated him to begin training as a chef early in his teenage life. He then went on to work in many Michelin-starred kitchens in England and France.


Dean's ability to draw on his considerable expertise in this area makes his photography stand out. His extensive experience and reputation for exacting standards translates, not only into mouth-watering images, but also to flavors and dishes that are unforgettable - long after the plates are empty.

Dean offers highly skilled photography as well recipe development, styling and production management. His photographic experience has taken him all around the world and covers a wide range of subjects from products to people, as well as food and wine, to travel.